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Working with Families

What services do we provide to families?

Every person is unique, full of potential, and has specific needs and challenges. We use a variety of assessment tools to evaluate each child we serve to best meet their needs. The intervention techniques and tools we utilize to develop individualized services are based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Once a treatment plan is developed from our assessments, we meet with you as the parent to propose and plan for intervention to begin. ABA services are typically provided by our staff working one-on-one with your child, and parent training services are provided as well.

ABA intervention programs for children with autism spectrum disorders

Development of Behavior Intervention Plans to reduce problematic behavior

Data based academic tutoring social skills training

Helping parents maximize their child’s learning at home by evaluating the home environment and routine

Potty training interventions and self-care skills that help your child gain independence and expand opportunities

Training for family members on Autism Spectrum Disorders, ABA and other related topics

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