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Working with Educators

What services do we provide to educators?

We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to several school districts in the state of Alabama. In these schools, we provide direct behavior support services and educational consultation services for children with autism and other developmental disorders. We understand that the school staff and our clinical staff must work closely together to help children reach their full potential! We are familiar with the challenges associated with delivering services in schools, and value collaborating with teachers. Some of the services we provide to schools include: Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), 1:1 RBT services, skill assessments, behavior consultation to IEP teams and classroom teachers, social skills training. 

 SGBC strives to offer the highest quality of intensive, research-based ABA intervention and training for staff and the support necessary for consistent student progress.

Behavioral observation and consultation

Functional assessments and functional analyses of maladaptive behavior

Social skills and development assessments such as ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP and AFLS

Classroom set-up and modifications
to maximize learning

Development and monitoring of behavior reduction plans

Competency-Based Training in ABA for Teachers and School System Staff

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